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“Race, Space, and Abstraction in the American South.”

I am honored to participate on a panel discussion at the Mississippi Museum of Art entitled “Race, Space, and Abstraction in the American South.” This panel investigates race, space, and abstraction as it relates to the legacy of civil rights. The panelists are artists whose work brings these issues to the surface: imagined space, space regulated and sectioned by laws (the black body in space), and forms of visionary representation which respond to the world and imagine it differently: the convergence of poetics and politics. Their work also leads into a broader question: what does it mean to make art at this heated moment and in the wake of segregation's legacy? Moderated by LeRonn Brooks (CUNY), panelists include artists Torkwase Dyson, Felandus Thames, and Sheila Pree Bright.

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