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"Currents and Constellations" opens at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Currents and Constellations: Black Art in Focus  puts art from the CMA’s permanent collection in conversation with a vanguard of emerging and mid-career Black artists, as each explores the fundaments of art making, embracing and challenging art history. The connections between the artworks and the themes in this exhibition are best described both as currents, which are more predictable and easier to trace, and as constellations, which are less predictable and more difficult to follow. Intimate in scale, yet broad in scope, Currents and Constellations illuminates singular works created by Black artists working in the United States to broaden visitors’ sense of Black artistic production. In the focus gallery, five thematic groupings represent a multifaceted star, with each theme providing an accessible window into a complex idea. Then, to generate new conversations with other areas of the collection, works will be temporarily introduced in four “satellites” in the CMA’s permanent collection galleries, including American painting and sculpture, Abstract Expressionism, German Expressionism, and contemporary art.

Currents and Constellations includes works by Sanford Biggers, Elizabeth Catlett, Richard Hunt, Dawoud Bey, Lorna Simpson, Jack Whitten, Darius Steward, Felandus Thames, Kenturah Davis, Mario Moore, and Torkwase Dyson, among others—thus placing Black American art and artists at the center of a conversation about the relevance of art to life and the relevance of art history to contemporary artists. (read more)


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