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Recent work featured on Artsy in Janine Lyndon Barrois's Collection

by Dominique Clayton Feb 7, 2022

Janine Sherman Barrois and Lyndon Barrois Sr. are the kinds of neighbors and friends any art lover would want to have. Last November, the Los Angeles–based couple welcomed guests to their home to celebrate the opening of two LACMA exhibitions: “Black American Portraits” and the L.A. stop of the Obama portraits tour. Donors, notable collectors, curators, museum directors, and the exhibition’s esteemed artists—many of whom are featured in the couple’s collection—were among the invited guests.

Throughout the couple’s beautiful multistory home, guests could admire works by artists including

Reginald Sylvester II, Calida Rawles, Samella Lewis, Fred Eversely, Kehinde Wiley, Wangechi Mutu, Alicia Piller, Monica Ikegwu, and Theaster Gates. While the collection is mostly figurative, there are also quite a few significant abstract pieces. “These [works] may not [all] be representational, but they do tell a story of representation whether it’s an interpretation of the Black experience, or the fact that these are Black artists doing this work,” explained Lyndon. (read more)


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