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Unruly Bodies, Greenspring Art Gallery Stevenson University

Excited to announce my participation in a forthcoming group exhibition at Stevenson University entitled “Unruly Bodies."

“Unruly Bodies”

Featured Artists: Arit Emmanuela, Nia Hampton + Emani Castillo, A. Moon, Mandy Morrison, Katie O’Keefe, Felandus Thames, Alan Vincent, and Stephanie Williams

“Da Blacker Da Berry”

W: 108 inches x H: 72 inches

Six paneled mounted archival inkjet

2019 Exhibition: April 27–September 21, 2019 Reception: Monday, April 29, 2019, 5–7 PM

1525 Greenspring Valley Road

Stevenson, MD 21153

The body that is too fat, too sick, too Black, too foreign, too femme, too queer, too old...

One year ago, Roxane Gay asked 24 writers to consider what it means to live in an unruly body. The prompt for Medium was deceptively simple, personal but universal, and yielded beautiful narratives.

Now, nine artists probe the themes of Gay’s Unruly Bodies magazine for an exhibition of the same name. What does it mean to move through the world in a body that contradicts societal norms? What does it mean to struggle against, come to terms with, or assert our physicality? How can we claim the space that we deserve?

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