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On View: ‘Renaissance: Noir’ Curated by Myrtis Bedolla at UTA Artist Space

UTA ARTIST SPACE in Los Angeles is presenting a virtual exhibition curated by Myrtis Bedolla, founder of Galerie Myrtis, a black-owned art gallery in Baltimore. A selection of largely figurative works in a variety of mediums by 12 artists is on view in “Renaissance: Noir.” Grouped in four related categories, the works explore black body politics, the physiognomy of the black male and its perceived threat to white society, the social and political construct of society, and the power of black subjectivity.

Bedolla’s curatorial statement says in part: “In claiming agency over ‘otherness’ and cultural emancipation from a Eurocentric lens, exuberant thought-provoking paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, and conceptual works serve as chronological annals that delineate the social, political, and historical journey of the Black experience through intergenerational narratives that span over 40 years of artistic production.” (READ MORE)

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