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"Title IX" Group Show at The Hole Gallery - Bowery

June 21st – August 27th, 2023

Opening: Wednesday June 21st from 6-8pm

I am excited to announce my participation in a forthcoming exhibition around sports and athletics. Please check it out this summer if you are in the greater New York area.

Title XI

The Hole is proud to present Title IX a sports-themed group show across our two New York galleries, Bowery and Tribeca, curated by Charlotte Grüssing. The exhibition’s title references the policy that requires educational institutions to treat all sexes and gender identities equally, widely known for its impact on expanding opportunities for women and girls in sports. While celebrating women and historically excluded groups in sports, the exhibit highlights both Title IX’s impacts and shortcomings while more broadly exploring the politics, pleasure and power of sports.

June 23rd, 2023 marks the 51st anniversary of Title IX. When signed into law in 1972 less than 300,000 girls nationwide played high school sports; that number is now more than three million. Despite the monumental impact on participation for women, white women have been the overwhelming beneficiaries while Black female athletes are still underrepresented in most programs. Addressing only one category of bias, and lacking language on the intersectionality of race, sexuality and income, Title IX is just the starting line for a more critical and inclusive look at sports.

Participating Artists

Alvin Armstrong, Andrea Bergart, Celia Croft, Didi Rojas, Elena Redmond, Ellen Hanson, Eric Yahnker, Evgen Čopi Gorišek, Fay Sanders, Felandus Thames, Gao Hang, Hamish Chapman, Jansson Stegner, Jake Troyli, Jeremy John Kaplan, Julius Hofmann, Kristine Moran, Laura Nova, Mattia Guarnera-MacCarthy, Max Heiges, Misaki Kawai, Monica Kim Garza, Nikko Washington, Noel W Anderson, Olivier Souffrant, Rachael Bos, Ricardo Partida, Royal Jarmon, Sheena Rose, Quinci Baker and Wendy White.


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