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"Title IX" makes FAD Magazine's list of 5 Must-See Summer Group Shows in NYC

By Vittoria Benzine • 10 July 2023

The premise? Ballsy. Charlotte Grüssing’s two-part endeavor takes on intersectionality within gender identity and sports with works from thirty cutting edge contemporary artists like Jake Troyli and Ricardo Partida, all exploring athleticism with a tongue in cheek, political bent. Title IX outlaws a spectrum of gender discrimination in education. “When signed into law in 1972 less than 300,000 girls nationwide played high school sports; that number is now more than three million,” the gallery’s release says. Their Bowery location plays with painting and design — I mistook Noel W Anderson’s massive cotton tapestry for oil at first, when it’s actually fabric with laser cut basketball leather affixed to it. The theme is beads and bright colors in TriBeCa, where the floors are painted like a basketball court too. A sherbet sunset hair bead curtain by Felandus Thames accompanies the back room entrance, where footage plays from an interview following the 1999 incident where Venus Williams lost a point because beads from her hair scattered during a serve. Her visage is obscured by the same textures that give Quinci Baker’s vibrant inkjet collages of Venus Williams coated with melted plastic on the surrounding walls their supernal glimmer, the shape of hair beads not fully melted in places. (READ MORE)


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